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Maya – Review

To start with thing’s to begin with, out of all the plays that are on air right now the reason I thought I just couldn’t absolutely pass up a great opportunity for Maya was that it has been composed by Amna Mufti. She is an extraordinarily skilled author who dependably concentrates on imperative social issues in a way which is to a great degree instructive. Viewing Sabz Paree Laal Kabooter was dependably an instructive ordeal for me since it excited such a great amount of interest about individuals who we would typically not give a moment look, not to mention consider. ary dramas Too terrible that not to many individuals watch such plays for clear reasons and it is hence that I might want to ask for Amna Mufti to please compose scripts for long plays and telefilms too, so that an ever increasing number of individuals get taught through shows. The play has been coordinated by Nadeem siddique and delivered by An and B Productions.

Because of the restriction on You Tube I was not able locate the principal scene of Maya on the web however fortunately whatever remains of them were accessible and I am happy I chose to watch this play. Maya is the tale of extremely fascinating family progression. It indicates how cash impacts relations and how superstition can lead a mother to trust that one of her little girls could be a danger to her exclusive child’s life. Komal is the most youthful of Saleha’s three little girls, when she was conceived a “shrewd” lady announced that in the event that she remained in an indistinguishable house from her sibling Zaheer (Waseem Abbas), it might bring terrible sign for her sibling. Her mom who cherished her no one but child couldn’t permit “this young lady” to remain in an indistinguishable house from Zaheer, in this manner Komal was sent away to Murree where she was raised by her mom’s closest companion Zuhra. In spite of being far from her genuine family for such along time, Komal got all the affection she required from her close relative and grew up to be a solid, certain and cheerful young lady. Her character is exceptionally intriguing and things get much all the more fascinating when Aunty Zuhra’s relative Wasif (Shahood Alvi) comes to visit. Komal and Wasif are posts separated and subsequent to having a ton of contentions they at long last choose to proclaim peace!

Sajal (Farhana Maqsood) is the most established little girl who is hitched to a man who feels no disgrace taking whatever financial enable he to can from Sajal’s family… it is pain free income and he wouldn’t fret that Sajal’s dad gives away cash to his girls with awesome liberality. Sumbul(Adila Khan) the third sister is infatuated with Zeeshan and needs to wed him. The most intriguing character is that of Shafaq (Nadia Afgjan) who is Zaheer[s spouse. She feels that her children are denied and their expectation for everyday comforts is not equivalent to that of the little girls of the house. Zaheer’s dad (Asim Bukhari) for reasons unknown does not believe his exclusive child with his cash and chooses to move his benefits in his girls name since he holds them dearer. He trusts that children ought to cut their future with their own particular hands, his significant other unequivocally differs and considers that her child merits more than the little girls. Shafaq gets some answers concerning Sumbals’ issue and benefits as much as possible from it, it transforms into a monstrous encounter between the father and child.

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