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The ultimate leg exercise is necessary for those who want to have healthy, strong and muscular legs. It is a matter of the fact that strong legs are one of the features that you love about your favorite body builder. You may be trying to get the same legs. It must be adopted as a routine as a routine is perfect for attaining any goal. If you have made your efforts as part of your routine, still you skip leg exercises someday because of your other busy routine matters or any other possible reason. You must not skip a single day from exercise and need to make-up time for your desired strong legs. Experts have suggested the following exercises as most brutal leg bulking workouts that could be devised. These are the glute binding exercises along with calf swelling sessions. Once you started these exercises you will walk out of gym with successful pride.

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Check out these beneficial options;


It comprises of sets of 3 to 4 reps with 6 to 8 rest. For doing this one as the ultimate leg exercise you need to stand with the feet shoulder width apart and hold a barbell over upper chest portion. There are two options for you here;

  • Supporting body weight on the fingers with the wrists extended
  • Crossing arms for supporting weight

You need to take care for avoiding arching back pushing the hips back & bending knees for lowering body till thighs stand parallel to floor. You heels are thus to be driven to the floor for pushing your body explosively back-parallel towards the start position.  


This exercises comprises of sets of 3 to 4 reps and 8 to 12 rests

Stand with feet distanced at a wider area for doing the ultimate leg exercise as compared to your shoulder width and hold barbell upon the upper back and get overhand grip. Take care so that you do not arch back. Push back your hips & bend down your knees towards lower body till thigs become at the same level as the floor area. Drive heels to floor for pushing you back-up to your start position.


It comprises of sets of 3 to 4 reps with 12 to 20 rests as the ultimate leg exercise. In this position of leg-press machine, place feet wide enough that equals the width of your shoulders and raise till legs are easily outstretched without and do not lock your knees. Gradually lower this platform till knees make 90 degrees to wards floor. After that, push back your body to initial position via your heels. In the second set you need to perform all of these 3 exercises back to back & then take rest for 2 to 3 minutes. In total you are required to complete 3 to 4 sets of this exercise. it is perfect with the deadlift for helping protecting lower back of your body. You must focus on your form rather than heavy weights. Then there are other exercises namely

  • Romanian drift that comprises of sets of 3 to 4 repetitions with 3 to 5 rests in between
  • Lying leg-curl that comprises of 3 to 4 repetitions and 5 to 7 rests
  • Walking lounge that covers 3 to 4 reps & 10 to 20 rests
  • Seated calf raise with 3-4 reps and 8-12 rests

These are all perfect exercises for adopting as the ultimate leg exercise.


In order to get strong and muscular legs you need to put your efforts in some sort of exercises. These exercises include Romanian drift, leg curl, walking lounge, seated calf etc. Each of these the ultimate leg exercise has beenproved to be best for getting muscular legs. 

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